More than just four walls

At Novus Residences, we don’t just develop property—we enable the life you deserve.  Thoughtful design, innovative amenities, and levels of service that showcase our hospitality industry pedigree combine to create industry changing projects that maximize value for our residents, our investment partners, and the communities we serve.

About Novus Residences

Formed in 2011, Novus Residences LLC, a full-service real estate innovation company specializing in landmark quality residential and live/work communities, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Washington DC real estate institution, Cafritz Interests. With a focus on data driven research that unlocks hidden value, Novus Residences invests in walkable communities through our proprietary development, acquisition, adaptive reuse, construction management, asset management, and property operations teams. Through our Novus Living and e-Lofts brands, we are working to bring true housing choice, style, and value to a neighborhood near you.


There’s No Place Like Novus.

Home is more than just a place to lay your head. It’s where your dreams are transformed into the life you deserve.  At Novus no detail is too small to provide our residents with the features and comforts they have earned. That’s what we call Novus Living. Apartments truly worthy of being called “home.” Meticulously crafted designs, unparalleled amenities, and hospitality quality service. The premier living experience from curb to closet.

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Life ReWorked.

As technology continues to change how people live and work, Novus’ proprietary e-Lofts brand of live/work, loft style communities is leading the revolution in user choice.  Through our Patent Pending design and operating platform, e-Lofts offers maximum flexibility to design the life you desire in an apartment unlike any other.  Use your e-Loft as an incredible loft apartment, an unbeatable and cost saving live/work space or as a fully functioning small office suite.  It’s your life, it’s your space, it should be your choice.  In a world where the line between life and work continues to blur, only e-Lofts gives you the freedom to craft the work-life balance you deserve.

The Novus Philosophy

We believe you shouldn’t have to buy a house to find a place to truly call home. That four uninspired walls simply won’t do. That apartment living is about “how you want to live” above all else.

We know that not all places have been created equally. You’ve earned a place that was crafted specifically to enable your dreams.  To make your life easier and more enjoyable. Where only the highest quality is standard and where thoughtful details and character are the rule rather than the exception.

We believe that home is wherever you most want to be.  Where hotel-quality services and amenities are only one click away, and where the freedom to live life on your own terms is the reward you’ve earned above all others.

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Let’s Build Success Together

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